Top 5 Thomas The Train Rides 2020 Reviews

Train ride toys have remained sought-after over the years for several reasons. Their comfortable ride-on designs, for instance, are fun to use. During his or her free time, you baby boy girl will have a memorable experience on one, unlike watching television. With the incidence of obesity among children high globally, parents are looking to keep their kids active indoors. If you are conscious about your child’s well-being, a quality ride on toy is ideal. By promoting interactive gameplay, you kid will stay active and healthier throughout his or her childhood. All you need is a valuable model to enjoy these and more benefits.

5. Peg Perego Santa Fe Train

Peg Perego Santa Fe Train

The Santa Fe from Peg Perego is a well-designed ride-on train for kids that supports up to 40 pounds. Recommended for kids aged 1.5-3-years old, its USA-made design is durable. The 76-inch circular track (12-piece) it comes with works well on flat surfaces, while its battery-powered design is super convenient. You can set it up easily in your living room. You can also set it up in your kid’s bedroom or travel with it effortlessly during outdoor trips. This train is affordable and generates playful train sounds that babies like.


  • Playful train sounds
  • 40-pound weight capacity
  • Circular 76-inch track
  • Battery-powered
  • Heavy-duty plastic

4. Fisher-Price Power Wheels Thomas and Friends

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Thomas and Friends

A recommended kid’s brand, Fisher-Price has quality and functional toys that have improved how babies play. Power Wheels Thomas and Friends, for instance, is a toddler-friendly ride-on toy for outdoor and indoor use. Its track is lock and durable. The sounds and phrases that it generates are loud and immersive, while its convenient push button operation is desirable. Kids can start it effortlessly, reach speeds of up to 1MPH, and stop it on demand effortlessly. This toy draws power from a rechargeable 6-volt battery.


  • Battery powered (6-volt)
  • Push button operation
  • Immersive sounds and phrases
  • Impeccable styling

3. Step2 Thomas the Tank Engine

Step2 Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine from Step2 is a fun-to-use up and down coaster with a durable and kid-safe design. The four-piece track offered, for instance, is sturdy, long, and easy to assemble on all flat surfaces. Its multi-colored engine, on the other hand, has an authentic face with numerous handy features that boost its functionality. The sturdy handrail offered, for instance, supports babies well. It also has a comfortable high back seat and secure footrests for added support. In synergy, these features offer safe and endless fun.


  • Multi-functional design
  • Effective safety features
  • Durable four-piece track
  • Sturdy multi-colored design

2. Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

Step 2 Up & Down Roller Coaster

Lids like roller coasters, for just a few dollars, you can bring the experience indoors with this Step2 up and down roller coaster. Featuring a convenient snap-on design, its assembly is straightforward. Its sturdy recessed car is easy to mount, while its comfortable high-pack design also secures babies well to prevent injuries. For a secure ride, you also get a non-slip track, footrests, and a handrail for support.


  • Secure design
  • Convenient snap-on parts
  • Comfortable recessed car
  • High back seat
  • Fun up and down track

1. Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Tough Trike

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Tough Trike

Thomas the Train from Fisher-Price is a tough trike for kids made of heavy-duty plastic. The material withstands abuse well. It is also smooth and has kid-friendly components including a stable wheelbase, wide wheels, and easy-grip handlebars. It also has a comfortable seat and a secret storage compartment for storing toys and other of your child’s belongings.


  • Rugged off-road tires
  • Comfortable seat
  • Secret storage compartment
  • Heavy-duty plastic body