Top 10 Metal Chop Saws 2020 Review

Knowing all the types of saws and their uses can get confusing. Add in different manufacturers and features and you might feel your head start to spin. If you’re looking for a saw that can be set on a surface while you cut then the chop saw is for you. There are two different types of chop saws, regular and miter. A regular chop saw is a stationary saw with a blade that is only capable of moving up and down to make straight cuts. A miter saw can cut at an angle depending on the degree you need. Traditionally there are wood chop saws, metal chop saws, and abrasive chop saws, however, some manufacturers are releasing multipurpose chop saws. As with all tools different manufacturers produce different quality products, here we are taking a look at the best metal chop saws.

10. Evolution Power Tools RAGE4 7-1/4-Inch TCT Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw

Evolution Power Tools RAGE4 7-1/4-Inch TCT Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw

Evolution is known for its multipurpose cutting technology and this saw is no exception. The RAGE4 is a mid-line in Evolution’s multi-purpose chop saw line when it comes to capabilities. This saw is noted to be compact and portable making it perfect for small jobs. Features of the RAGE4 include a miter capacity of 0 degrees to 45 degrees, no coolant required, minimal spark production while cutting, and a maximum cutting depth of 2 inches. Weighing only 19 pounds and measuring 19 x 7.8 x 14.8 inches, this saw definitely meets the qualifications for compactness and portability.

9. Lion Tools Cut-off Saw/Machine 6″ 6.5A 7/8″

Lion Tools Cut-off Saw/Machine 6

Ringing up for less than $80 this cut-off saw gets the job done for a low price. With the ability to cut through multiple materials with no problem and able to work with all of the big-name replacement blades, this saw definitely had to make the list. Featuring a corded power source, a stable metal base with a cutting diameter of 6 inches, and a quick-release lever. This saw is light weighing less than 15 pounds.

8. Makita 14 inch Cut-Off Saw, with AC/DC Switch

Makita 14 inch Cut-Off Saw, with AC/DC Switch

This cut-off saw is mid-range in Makita’s cut-off saw line coming in at just over $The included Makita 1-year warranty certainly makes this saw a good deal for anyone. The weight, dimensions and D-shaped handle contribute to the convenience of this saw. Key features include a 15 AMP motor that provides 3,800 RPM, a maximum cutting capacity of 4.5 inches at 90 degrees and 45 degrees, an AC/DC switch, a lock-off button, and a spark diversion guard. This Makita cut-off saw weighs just over 37 pounds and measures 19.75 inches long.

7. Evolution Power Tools RAGE 3-DB 10-Inch TCT Multipurpose Cutting Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw

Evolution Power Tools RAGE 3-DB 10-Inch TCT Multipurpose Cutting Double Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw

If you’re looking for a multipurpose chop saw that brings an expanse of features to look no further than Evolution Power Tools’ RAGE 3-DB. This saw boasts the ability to cut through steel, aluminum, wood with and without nails, and plastic making it the ultimate must-have for the multi-talented carpenter. Featuring a double bevel function, 3-inch adjustable cutting depth, 12.5-inch slide action capacity, and an option miter stand the RAGE 3-DB definitely holds its own. The large base, laser guidance, and extendable fence guard only sweeten this deal. The RAGE 3-DB weighs just over 50 pounds.

6. Makita LW1401 Cut-Off Saw, 14″

Makita LW1401 Cut-Off Saw, 14

The Makita LW1401 has numerous features helping it earn its spot on this list. Starting off with a powerful 15 AMP motor this saw was created specifically for cutting metal. Capable of cutting pipe, all thread, conduit, tubing, rebar, and more the Makita LW1401 will certainly get the job done in no time. Key features include an adjustable spark guard, two-stage lock-off power button, fence adjustment up to 45 degrees, and a tool-less vice adjustment. The Makita LW1401 weighs 37 pounds and features a locking pin to secure the cutting head in the down position to allow for easier transport and storage.

5. Evolution Power Tools R185SMS+ 7-1/4″ Multi-Material Compound Sliding Miter Saw Plus

Evolution Power Tools R185SMS+ 7-1/4

Another excellent product by Evolution Power Tools the R185SMS+ only improves on previous models. It is incredibly portable featuring an ergonomic carrying handle and weighing only 19.6 pounds. With it’s smooth slide mechanism and compact design this is a miter saw you’ll want to take to all of your job sites. Additional features include a 10 AMP hi-torque motor, 10-foot power cord, 3 piece clamp, integrated carrying handles, and a dust bag to keep your work surface clean.

4. DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch (DW872)

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw, 14-Inch (DW872)

DEWALT is a brand that is well-known for its saws and other tools and this metal cutting saw definitely represents the brand well. Its multi-cutting ability makes it desirable for many professions and its portability makes it an ideal job-site saw. The specially designed carbide blade makes preparation grinding unnecessary. Key features include a 15 AMP motor which makes cutting 4 times faster than chop saws and 8 times faster than portable band saws, the largest capacity in its class allowing you to cut a variety of differently sized materials, finished cuts are cool to the touch, and a patented 45-degree wrench less adjustable quick-fence. The DW872 weighs 55 pounds and measures 24 x 15.25 x 18.5 inches.

3. Slugger by FEIN MCCS14 Metal Cutting Saw, 14″ Blade Diameter

Slugger by FEIN MCCS14 Metal Cutting Saw, 14

With a powerful 2200 watt low-speed high torque motor this metal cutting saw certainly lives up to its name. The heavy-duty base makes it steady no matter what size material you’re cutting and it’s automatic retracting lower safety guard make sure your hands are safe. The Slugger utilizes a metal cutting blade for quick, clean cuts through multiple types of metal. Additional features include its 14-inch mild steel saw blade, 1,300 RPM motor which produces less heat when cutting, and cast aluminum base. This Jancy Slugger metal cutting saw weighs 54 pounds and measures 24.5 x 13 x 25 inches.

2. Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 Multi Purpose Cutting Chop Saw, 14-Inch

Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 Multi Purpose Cutting Chop Saw, 14-Inch

Earning the runner up spot is Evolution Power Tools’ RAGE2 boasting a 14 inch multipurpose 36 tooth TCT blade. This saw produces virtually no heat, burrs, or sparks when cutting steel. The fast action swivel clamping mechanism allows you to make 0 degrees to 45-degree miter cuts and the hi-torque motor gearbox reduces motor improving this saw’s performance and durability. Key features consist of a 15 amp motor included 36 tooth TCT blade and a three-year limited warranty. The RAGE2 weighs in at 46 pounds and measures 23 x 12 x 24 inches.

1. DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)

DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)

If you know anything about saws then you won’t be surprised that a DEWALT came in number one on our list. This DWS779 looks like a beast and cuts like one too with a powerful 15 amp, 3,800 RPM motor. The incredibly efficient dust collection system that collects over 75 percent of generated dust is an incredible bonus if you need to keep your workspace clean. Additional features include an exclusive back fence design that provides increased capacity, integrated CUTLINE blade positioning system to improve precision and a 3-year limited warranty. The DEWALT DWS779 weighs 56 pounds.