Top 10 Full Body Silicone Baby 2020 Reviews

For those of you who want the best baby dolls, then a full body silicone baby doll may interest you. These are realistic babies that look and feel very lifelike. There are a lot of options to choose from, and this can make it hard to decide which realistic baby doll you want to buy. Some have more features than others, and some have better designs. Let’s look at ten of your options and see which one you might prefer.

10. Pinky Reborn

Pinky Reborn

I have seen a lot of baby dolls in my life, and that is why I can honestly say that Pinky Reborn doll is super adorable! Made with high-quality silicone vinyl, you are going to fall in love with the realistic feel and look of this doll. The doll comes with a cute pink outfit, a magnet pacifier, a gift box, and a certificate.


  • Height and Weight: Height is 22 inches, and the weight is around 3.3 pounds
  • How It Was Made: Handmade
  • Material: The material for arms, head, and legs is soft synthetic silicone vinyl. The body is made up of cloth that has been filled with cotton
  • Hair: The hair is high-quality mohair

9. iCradle Lifelike

iCradle Lifelike

Having been designed by a famous artist, it’s pretty obvious why everyone is falling in love with the iCradle Lifelike doll. This realistic full body silicone baby is sure to be the new favorite toy of every girl and boy. It really does look like a real life baby, and the feel is very similar. The attention to detail is very amazing here, even down to the tiny nails. It even comes with some accessories like a cute outfit.


  • Height and Weight: This doll is around 22 inches long (or tall), and weighs in at 3.3 pounds
  • How It Was Made: The doll was handmade
  • Material: The material used for the head, legs, and arms is synthetic silicone vinyl
  • Hair: The hair is higher in quality, being made from mohair

8. iCradle Real Life

iCradle Real Life

This beautiful dark-skinned baby is hard to ignore. The iCradle Real Life doll is certainly pretty in pink, and she is going to make the perfect gift for any kid. Her cute chubby little face was hand-crafted by a famous artist. The look of the doll is so realistic it makes you do a double-take. The artist is truly amazing, getting everything perfect, even the wetness of the lips. Looking at this doll, you and your kids will definitely see the resemblance to a real baby.


  • Height and Weight: 22 Inches and 3.3 pounds
  • How It Was Made: Handmade
  • Material: Synthetic Silicone Vinyl for the head, legs, and arms
  • Hair: Mohair used to mimic the feel of a real baby’s hair

7. Pinki Reborn Mini

Pinki Reborn Mini

The Pinki Reborn Mini doll is very beautiful. The quality, feel, and movement of the doll is something to behold. It’s easy to fall in love with the cute outfit, realistic feel, and realistic looks. With this doll, your kids or grandkids will be able to pose them sitting, climbing, and lying down. This full-body silicone baby is sure to be your baby’s next favorite toy.


  • Safety: Very safe and environmentally friendly
  • Height and Weight: 10 Inches Tall and 0.6 pounds
  • Mouth: The mouth will be magnetic (so it can hold the pacifier)
  • Material: This doll was made using hard synthetic silicone vinyl and mohair

6. iCradle Reborn Toddler Doll

iCradle Reborn Toddler Doll

This iCradle Reborn Toddler Doll is great! If you were looking for the perfect gift for your young ones. It is even anatomically correct, meaning that the experience will feel real for your little ones. The doll can wear newborn clothes, as well as being able to wear newborn disposable diapers. This little boy is super adorable, and he would make the perfect addition to any family or collection.


  • Height and Weight: 18 inches long and weighs around 2.6 pounds
  • Material: The dolls feel realistic and were made using soft synthetic silicone vinyl
  • Mobility: The doll can be moved, can sit or lay
  • Hair: The hair, having been made from mohair, can be washed and shaped

5. CHAREX Reborn Lucy

CHAREX Reborn Lucy

The CHAREX Reborn Lucy doll is a fine work of art that was handmade by a famous artist. Her features are unique and so detailed that everyone will be mistaking this baby for the real deal at first. The material used for this doll is safe, along with being realistic. These innovative dolls are sure to warm their way into your heart and the hearts of your family.


  • Height and Weight: This doll is 22 inches from head to toe, and they are 3.3 pounds
  • Gender: Even though the doll comes with girl clothes, the doll itself is unisex
  • Hair and Eyes: The color of the doll’ s hair is brown, and the eyes are blue
  • Certificate: Comes with pacifier and birth certificate

4. iCradle Lovely Reborn Doll

iCradle Lovely Reborn Doll

The iCradle Lovely Reborn Doll was uniquely designed by a well-known artist. The individual features (such as the lips and nails) have all been designed to make the baby look as realistic as possible. Of course, the material that the baby is made from is high quality soft synthetic silicone vinyl. This means that your baby is not only going to look very life-like, but they are also going to feel real.


  • Height and Weight: This baby is 18 inches from head to toe, and weighs in at around 3.3 pounds
  • Eyes: The eyes are high-quality Taiwan Acrylic eyes
  • Material: Soft synthetic silicone vinyl
  • Hair: The hair is made from mohair, meaning that it can be washed and styled any way you wish

3. iCradle Real Life Reborn

iCradle Real Life Reborn

This iCradle Real Life Reborn doll was created with kids in mind! This little boy is so adorable, and he comes with his own cute outfit as well as some other accessories. Yes, you could buy your kid a baby doll, but they wouldn’t love it as much as they will love this doll. Another great thing about this doll is that the skin is so soft everyone will think that you have a real baby!


  • Height and Weight: This doll is 22 inches long and 3.3 pounds
  • Gender: This doll is a beautiful bouncing baby boy
  • Material: They body is made from synthetic silicone vinyl

2. OtardDolls Reborn Snowflake

OtardDolls Reborn Snowflake

The OtardDolls Reborn Snowflake doll is absolutely beautiful. She looks very realistic, and her coloring is amazing. The features and attention to detail here are amazing. Not only does she look real, but she also feels real. This means that you can cuddle up next to your new baby girl and actually feel like you are snuggling with a real baby.


  • Height and Weight: 22 inches long and 2.6 to 3 pounds
  • Gender: This is one beautiful baby girl
  • Outfit: She comes with a cute little outfit as shown in the picture
  • Hair: Her hair feels amazing, and you will be able to wash and style it

1. Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll

Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll

The Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll is going to be a big hit with all of your kids. They are going to fall in love with how real she looks and how real she feels when they cuddle with her. The artist who handcrafted this doll is Michelle Fagan. She spends a lot of time making these dolls by hand and gets everything right down to the wetness of the lips.


  • Height and Weight: This baby weighs in at 2.6 pounds, and is 19 inches long
  • Hair: Her hair is brown, and is extremely soft
  • Eyes: Her eyes are brown, and they are very realistic
  • Material: This doll is mostly made up of gentle touch vinyl, for a more realistic feel