Top 8 Black Hair Extensions 2020 Reviews

Are you looking to get that new hairstyle you’ve been longing for without having to damage the natural black hair you already have? Are you trying to make your hair look thicker or to extend your hair length? Then hair extensions are perfect for you to create a beautiful, dramatic, or natural look.

Buying Guides of Black Hair Extensions

We understand that there are many types available in the market right now, so for your convenience, this article will provide you with the essentials to look for in black hair extensions along with reviews of the 8 best ones available for you right now.

Hair Quality: look for great quality hair with dark and long-lasting color and long-term usability. Good grading system usually range between 7A to 10A (hair extension grade system)

Extension Type: Hair extensions come in different types and they are different to put on. Look for the one that would fit well to your preference including clip-in, tape-in, glue, weaves, and more. Check for options depending on if you want them to be straight, curly, or kinky.

Now that you get a general idea of what to look for in a black hair extension, let us go through the reviews of 8 best ones available right now and the information for your satisfying purchasing decision.

8. Urbeauty Afro Kinky Curly Hair Extension (Clip-in)

Urbeauty Afro Kinky Curly Hair Extension (Clip-in)

Starting the list with Afro Kinky Curly Hair Extension, These clip-in extensions are made from selected human hair with natural black color. The hair is soft and bouncy and the curls remain even after you wash it with care. The hair extensions come with a classic triple lace weft clip design. This means it has more hair than single and double weft extensions. Moreover, they look less bulky on your scalp.

For your extra comfort, it features premium 9-tooth steel clips with silicone lined. These clips help keep your curly extensions in place and prevent damage to your natural hair. The hair extensions have minimal shedding and you don’t have to worry about your extensions tangled up or have a bad smell.


  • Natural hair with triple lace weft clip design
  • Premium 9 tooth steel clips with silicone lined
  • Minimal shedding, minimal shedding

7. Rolisy Kinky Curly Hair Extensions (Clip-in)

Rolisy Kinky Curly Hair Extensions (Clip-in)

Next on our list is Rolisy Kinky Curly hair extensions for African American females. This dark black hair extension features high-quality grade-8A Brazilian Remy hair for that super healthy, soft, and silky end. This hair extension is like your natural hair, feel free to wash, condition, and blow-dry them as you want.

This kinky curly extension is also easy to clip in and take out for added length and create a new hairstyle. For your extra convenience, the extension comes with double lace weft for thicker hair and breathability. No need to worry about the smell! This is also comfortable to wear with a 9-tooth clip to prevent falling.


  • High-quality grade-8A Brazilian Remy hair
  • Feel free to wash, condition, and blow-dry
  • Easy to clip in and take out, 9-tooth clip

6. Moresoo 24 Inch Hair Extensions (Glue-In)

Moresoo 24 Inch Hair Extensions (Glue-In)

Now to our 6th place is the long 24” Tape-in Hair Extensions from Moresoo. Moresoo hair extensions feature great quality hair for that natural and black hair look. This hair extension is lightweight with 2.5g per piece and comes in 20pcs per package, ideal if you are looking for full head coverage or thicker hair extension. You don’t have to worry about tangles and shedding.

You can easily use this extension with the Soft and Thick Invisible Glue for your quick and safe attachment. Feel free to perm or blowdry your hair with this extension as it is long-lasting and has minimal shedding. It also comes with Unconditional return.


  • Natural and dark black hair extension
  • Lightweight, good for full head coverage
  • Soft and thick invisible glue for easy attachment

5. Lovrio Yaki Hair Extensions (Clip-in)

 Lovrio Yaki Hair Extensions (Clip-in)

Ranking 5th on our list is the clip-in hair extensions from Lovrio Yaki. These extensions come with 9A Grade and 100% unprocessed real virgin human hair. It would like real natural hair with fewer tangles and minimal shedding. Just like your real hair, feel free to wash, blowdry, iron, or curly clip-ins for black hair.

The full hair extension pack comes in 7 pieces and weighs only 120g which is lightweight for full-head extensions. The hair clip is comfortable to use and it is harmless to your real hair especially to the hair ends. Enjoy these beautiful straight hair extensions with the comfort of the return policy.


  • 9A grade and 100% unprocessed real virgin human hair
  • Fewer tangles, minimal shedding
  • Lightweight, easy application
  • Beauty straight texture & black color

4. Sassina Straight Virgin Human Hair Extension (Clip-in)

Sassina Straight Virgin Human Hair Extension (Clip-in)

Next on our list is another clip-in black hair extension but from a different brand, Sassina. This hair extension is of high quality that is made from 100% Remy human hair that has no mixture of any animal or synthetic hair. It features double wefts for your easy application and adds thickness to your natural black hair and gives you that needed the extra length.

These hair extensions are silky soft, no need to worry about tangles and shedding. In terms of hairstyling, it can be easily styled like your natural hair, feel free to straighten, curl, wash, or dye them to your preference. Remember to not exceed the temperature of 180-degree Celsius to maintain a healthy-looking hair extension.


  • Made from 100% Remy human hair
  • Silk soft, no tangle, and no shedding
  • Can be styled into different styles – straight, curve, wash, or dye
  • Easy application

3. GOO GOO 3-Shades Remy Hair Extensions (Clip-in)

GOO GOO 3-Shades Remy Hair Extensions (Clip-in)

Moving to the top 3 of our list, in third place is the Goo Goo Remy Hair Extensions. All Goo Goo extensions are made from ethically sourced, 100% human Remy hair for ultimate softness and ease of blending with your natural hair. These clip-in quick and easy for you to attach the extensions and adjust whether you have someone do it for you or you do it yourself.

These black hair extensions offer you three shades of color experiences with Goo Goo’s latest color-matching technology. When your hair stays still, it offers a gradient effect. When you shake your hair slightly, it highlights the color effect. When you shake a lot or curl it, it is a mixed ombre color effect. Enjoy new thick, long and natural hair looks for your favorite occasions.


  • 100% Remy human hair
  • Clip-in quick and easy attachment
  • Delivers thickness to your natural hair
  • Three shades of color experiences

2. Straight Hair Extensions YSaudiar (Clip-in)

Straight Hair Extensions YSaudiar (Clip-in)

Ranking 2nd on our list is the Straight Hair Extension from YSaudiar. This extension comes with 8A Grade 100% unprocessed Brazilian hair with three colors (Jet Black, Nature black, and Dark Brown). It comes with 7 pieces extensions and weighs only 100g. Just like your real hair, these hair extensions can be curled, dyed, or blow-dried as you please.

For your easy extensions, it comes with 16 clip-in to attach to your real hair like a comb and does not damage your real hair ends. Easily take care of your extensions as it is washable to maintain hygiene. These extensions do not tangle or shed, with minimal loose ends. The extensions can be ideal to use to thicken your hair without them looking bulky.


  • Made from high-quality Remy hair
  • Soft, tangle-free, shiny, smooth, and healthy-looking
  • 3 dark black color options and styleable
  • 16 easy comb-like clip-in attachment

1. Ugeat Micro Ring Hair Extensions (Micro Ring)

Ugeat Micro Ring Hair Extensions (Micro Ring)

Topping our list at number one is the Ugeat’s Micro Ring Hair Extensions. This high-quality hair Extension features the smallest and most undetectable non-glue hair extension technique available among all products for your perfect attachment to the strands of natural hair. The microtubes with silicone lined aluminum ring perfectly hold the extensions in place.

The entire extensions package weighs only 100g with dark black color and straight hair texture. It is glossy and natural; you can straighten, dye, curl, perm, or blow-dry the extensions with no worry of damaged hair or loose ends. But make sure the temperature doesn’t exceed 180 celsius. Feel free to wash these extensions with care, they will not smell and will last for a long time as it does not shed or fade the color.


  • Superior quality Brazilian hair – durable, thick, and super soft
  • Blends perfect with your natural hair
  • Smallest and undetectable micro ring hair attachment
  • Perfect secure of the extensions
  • Lightweight, only 100g
  • Stylable and enduring


Now that you have gone through our buying guides and reviews of the eight best black hair extensions, we hope you have found at least one or two products that caught your attention. Don’t stress about having to adhere to the provided ranking. Feel free to choose based on your preference and get the right black hair extension that would make you delightful. Enjoy shopping!