Top 10 Big Wheels For Kids 2022 Reviews

There is a toy that has been around for decades that is just as popular today as it was when it first came out. The Big Wheel tricycle is a low riding tricycle for children. Many parents purchase these as their child’s first trike. The Big Wheel sits much lower to the ground, making it easier for the young child to get on or off. The styles of today are basically imitations of the early Big Wheels for kids. This tricycle helps a young child learn the pedaling needed to ride bikes as they get older. After a few years of decline, the Big Wheel has made a huge comeback. There are even races held for kids riding strictly Big Wheels. Today, the majority are made out of plastic instead of metal.

10. Big Wheel Tricycle 48727

Big Wheel Tricycle 48727

Imagine the fun your child will have as he or she rides around on this Big Wheel. This is a 16 inch, multicolored tricycle. Made in primary colors of yellow, blue and red, not only is it a delight to look at, it is fun to ride. The seat is adjustable and the trike will hold up to 70 pounds. The benefits of this Big Wheel are that it has.


  • A three-position seat
  • It is child powered via pedals
  • Low center of gravity, so your child is safe
  • Large front wheel for speed when pedaling
  • Thick rear wheels to ensure safety and sidewalk hugging wheels
  • For children from 3 to 8 years

9. Razor Rip Rider

Razor Rip Rider

This rugged Big Wheel is built with racing in mind. It is built with a rugged steel frame and has a solid, no-flat tire on the front. The rear has casters to allow for smooth drifting action, just like the movies. The motocross styled handlebars are easy to hold and turn. The all-metal frame is welded at points where toughness is needed. This will provide hours of fun for your little racer. Bonus features that make this the ideal racing Big Wheel.


  • A double crown fork design in front
  • 360* spinning capability
  • Double casters on rear for drifting and spinning
  • Low center of gravity

8. Radio Flyer Big Flyer Pink

Radio Flyer Big Flyer Pink

Your little princess will drive like Danica on this pretty in pink Big Wheel. She will have realistic appearing gauges to watch, chrome handlebars, two slick and thick rear wheels and a large grip wheel in front. This one is recommended for ages 3 through 8 and up to 65 pounds. This is an American classic to help your girl learn about adventures and discoveries.


  • A racing flag/pennant for safety as your child rides
  • An adjustable seat to fit her perfectly
  • Easy-grip chrome handlebars
  • Hand grips are molded for comfort
  • Designed in a racing style

7. The Original Big Wheel

The Original Big Wheel

Like all great toys, this one never goes out of style. Big Wheel has remained as one of every child’s favorite toys and why not? With a huge 16-inch front tire, primary colors to make it bright and colorful, and the super sturdy construction that parents have always trusted this is one of the best there will always be. This is sure to bring back your memories to share with your child and this Big Wheel.


  • Three-way adjustable seat
  • Slick rear wheels for fast turning
  • Front-wheel grips for easy and smooth turning
  • For ages 3 through 8
  • Holds weight up to 70 pounds

6. Radio Flyer Deluxe Big Flyer

Radio Flyer Deluxe Big Flyer

Radio flyer gives us the chopper-style Big Wheel. This is sure to be the favorite new ride each day. A tricycle with the classic racing design, that will fit your child up to 7 years or 65 pounds. What little boy or girl wouldn’t love to spend hours riding and racing this Big Wheel? The large front wheel has grip design to avoid spin-outs, and the rear wheels are thick and smooth for easy drifting and speed. You can also look forward.


  • The three-way adjustable seat that grows with the child
  • Chrome racing handlebars
  • Comfort grips to make it easy to hold on
  • Front-wheel has road-gripping style to avoid spin-outs

5. Radio Flyer Deluxe Pink

Radio Flyer Deluxe Pink

Your little girl will fly like the wind on this cute little Big Wheel. Designed in a chopper racing style, with a big front wheel for gripping the road or sidewalk, there are also the chopper-style handlebars with comfort grip holds. The low center of gravity makes it fun to ride and safe for your daughter. Sleek and stylish, just like she is, your daughter will make loads of memories on the Radio Flyer deluxe.


  • Smooth rear wheels for speed
  • Three-way adjustable seat
  • Pretty in Pink color
  • Front-wheel has grip design for safety
  • Chrome handlebars

4. Disney Princess Heart Strong

Disney Princess Heart Strong

Here is a junior-sized cruiser for the smaller set. This cute little Big Wheel is designed with a 10-inch front wheel with stability and the maximum control in mind. Both rear wheels and front-wheel have grip design for non-slip action. Low center of gravity to ensure your child’s protection and safety. Works best for ages 2 through 4, with a top weight limit of 35 pounds. This downsized beauty is just right for your little beauty.


  • Bonus qualities included with this Disney Princess Junior
  • Princess stickers that you apply after assembly
  • Disney designs on tricycle body
  • Ergonomic handlebars with comfort grips
  • Push-button that actually gives your child music and sounds

3. Radio Flyer Big Flyer

Radio Flyer Big Flyer

Here it is, the Big Wheel by Radio Flyer for your 3 to 7-year-olds. This sturdy design will hold up to 65 pounds easily. The Big Flyer is designed to look like a chopper, with the chopper handlebars and comfort grips. The gripping large front wheel along with the two smooth rear tires provides hours of racing fun while being safe at the same time. This is the performance trike they ask for and the one they can take out their built-up energy on.


  • Three-way adjusting seat
  • Racing Pennant for visibility and added safety
  • Chrome handlebars
  • Sleek racing design to inspire your child

2. Frozen 2 Fly Wheels

Frozen 2 Fly Wheels

Let your little girl become Elsa for a day. This cute little tricycle will give her hours of memories while riding and racing the other kids. This is designed with security and control in mind. It has a low center of gravity for safety. Your girl or boy will feel like a star as they ride down the sidewalk with the LED lights shining. Additional bonuses with this Frozen 2 Fly Wheels.


  • Stickers to be applied after assembly
  • LED lights with batteries included
  • The cruiser has an adjustable seat to grow with your child

1. Disney Toy Story Fly Wheel Junior Cruiser

Disney Toy Story Fly Wheel Junior Cruiser

Disney did not dare leave Woody out of the ride. This is the junior size big wheel for youngsters 3 to 7-years old. This cruiser has a 15-inch front wheel with grip style performance. The seat is adjustable for your growing child. This Junior Cruiser will give your child hours of fun and exercise every time they ride it. The low center of gravity provides safety for your child. This low riding design gives your child an easy on-easy off action.


  • LED light on the front tire
  • Batteries included
  • Toy Story graphics stickers for application after assembly