Best Indoor Tanning Lotions With Bronzer 2020 Reviews

Are you looking to get tanned for the summer? While going to get a natural tan under the sun is nice, it can be harmful to your skin. For a healthier solution, you can also enjoy the comfort of self indoor tanning using tanning bronzer! Bronzing tanning lotion allows you to tan utilizing the sun yet protects you from the UV rays for a greater tanned skin with a healthy look! Bronzing tanning lotion for indoor can also be utilized with tanning beds to produce the ideal dark tan. Tanners are constantly on the lookout for new beautiful colors, and bronzing tanning lotions can definitely deliver you the tan you have been looking for to impress.

With the rising popularity of tanning bed lotion with bronzer, indoor tanning lotion has become the alternative to natural tanning due to damage from the sun’s UVA rays when exposed to the sun for a long time. It can cause the skin to age faster or cause skin cancer. With modern technology, indoor tanning lotion has no skin-irritative chemical additives. They leave no zero streakings or staining and give you a natural tan skin look. If you are looking to get the most effective indoor tanning lotion and darkest bronzer indoor tanning lotion, this article will help you get the best deal with reviews of the top 10 best indoor tanning lotions with bronzer followed by a brief and easy to understand buying guide.

10. Self Tanner – With Organic Aloe Vera & Shea Butter, Sunless Tanning Lotion, and Bronzer

Self Tanner - With Organic Aloe Vera & Shea Butter, Sunless Tanning Lotion and Bronzer

Get your tan without worrying about sun damage! This tanning lotion gives you a gradual sun-kissed glow without having to deal with sunburns or early skin aging. This is the perfect alternative to chemical-filled tanners that contain artificial colorants and fragrances. It comes with ingredients like organic aloe vera, shea butter, extracts, and DHA for your healthy tanned skin. This self-tanner tanning lotion is also certified cruelty free, so you know you are getting a good and considerate product. It works for both men and women, even if you have sensitive skin.


  • Sunless tanning
  • Gradual tan
  • No artificial and fragrances
  • Aloe vera, shea butter, DHA
  • Cruelty-free
  • Ideal for sensitive skin

9. Tan Asz U Luau Island Black Bronzer, 13.5 Ounce tanning bed lotion

Tan Asz U Luau Island Black Bronzer, 13.5 Ounce tanning bed lotion

This is the tanning bronzer for your summer paradise. This is the perfect sun, surf, & scents! Enjoy your island glow and gorgeous bronze with this 200X Black Bronzer. It will give you the desired level of tan for you to impress at the beach. It makes your skin super soft beckons for touch. It features premium serum ingredients that utilize high levels of Marula Oil for incredible skin. It is paraben-Free and DHA-Free. It has a nice Awapuhi Peach Smoothie smell to it for your incredible tanning experience.


  • 200X black bronzer
  • Ideal quick tanning
  • Dark level tanning
  • It helps make skin soft
  • Paraben-free, DHA Free

8. European Gold Flash Black 200x Ever Indoor Tanning Lotion, 12 fl oz by Creative Labs

European Gold Flash Black 200x Ever Indoor Tanning Lotion, 12 fl oz by Creative Labs

This 200x lotion is European Gold’s darkest tanning formula yet! This EverDark Black Bronzer gives your skin a beautiful deep bronze worthy of your loved ones’ look and compliments. This revolutionary color is effortless to use and apply. You can enjoy the super-soft silicone application to make your tan without any grease and stain. It features the Flash Black 200x technology for the ideal quick and gradual tanning as you apply it to your skin.


  • 200x Flash Back Tanning
  • European Gold Darking formula
  • Easy to use Soft Silicon application
  • Soften skin
  • No grease and stain

7. Tan Asz U ALOHA BLACK Advanced 200X Black Bronzer – 13.5 oz.

Tan Asz U ALOHA BLACK Advanced 200X Black Bronzer - 13.5 oz.

This advanced 200X black bronzer from Tan Asz gives you the best bronzing tanning bed lotion that utilizes EverBlackTM Fade Defying Technology. It gives you the deepest island glow that lasts for a long time, so you are covered all summer long. This remarkable color radiates from your beach body as you lay still or walk down the beach due to the Monoi & Coconut Body Butters ingredients in the lotion. They are designed to condition and hydrate your skin expertly. It also helps with your skin firming and toning to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.


  • Advanced 200X Black Bronzers
  • EverBlackTM Anti-Fade Tech
  • Monoi de Tahiti & Coconut Butters condition
  • Max Silicones application
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

6. Die Hard Black Ed Hardy Maximum Bronzing Indoor Tanning Lotion, 10 oz.

Die Hard Black Ed Hardy Maximum Bronzing Indoor Tanning Lotion, 10 oz.

Die Hard Black’s supreme darkening formula will take you to a new tanning experience. This stunning bronzer will quickly give you an instant tan. You are ready to hit the beach in no time with the Melan bronze technology that will stimulate melanin activity to help you achieve optimum color faster. The fast-acting rapid release DHA, natural and cosmetic bronzers for extreme bronzing results yet healthy ones. It features caffeine and green tea extracts to energize, firm, and tighten the skin. It also contains superfruit anti-aging antioxidants that fight free radical damage.


  • Die Hard supreme dark formula
  • Instant quick tanning
  • Melan bronze tech
  • Natural and healthy ingredients
  • Anti-aging

5. Snooki SHORE TO PLEASE Tanning Bed Lotion (12 ounces)

Snooki SHORE TO PLEASE Tanning Bed Lotion (12 ounces)

Snookie Shore to Please will bring you the high tech of bed lotion for your rapid tanning. It features White DHA that helps prepare skin for flawless and risk-free tan. This formula transfers resistant color that will continue to darken after UV exposure. It contains the blend of anti-aging Buriti Fruit Oil and Pearl to help hydrate and nourish your skin for moisture, hydrated, and young-looking skin. It features Skin Firming Caffeine and Coenzyme Q that help smooth skin for a more toned appearance.


  • Rapid and continuous tanning
  • White DHA tanning agents
  • Anti-aging
  • Hydrate skin
  • Toning and firming skin

4. Onyx Very Sexy Legs Tingle Hot Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion for Hard-To-Tan Body Parts

Onyx Very Sexy Legs Tingle Hot Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion for Hard-To-Tan Body Parts

This is the Onyx Tingle Tanning Lotion for legs and any hard-to-tan body parts! This is ideal if you all over tan for that absolute dark skin goodness! It smooths and softens your skin with Mango Extract that is rich in different kinds of vitamins. It gives you longer-lasting tanning with a gradual and darker effect. It improved your skin condition with Jojoba Oil and Natural Extracts. It comes with a Red Carpet Star scent for that nice smelling skin.


  • Ideal for legs and hard to tan body parts
  • Absolute dark skin formula
  • Soften and smooth skin
  • Gradual and deep tan
  • Red Carpet Start scent

3. Ed Hardy BLACK XXX Instant Dark Color Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz

Ed Hardy BLACK XXX Instant Dark Color Tanning Lotion, 13.5 oz

Ed Hard Triple Black Bronzing Formula gives you a complete and darker tanning look. The results give you smooth and firm skin with superior soft silicone formula. The Quad Tyrosine will develop the darkest results possible. It also features a powerful anti-aging peptide that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting results. Blue Tansy – Counteracts orange tones in the skin, so you develop long-lasting natural results. It contains Acai Berry Extracts that are rich in antioxidants to fight free radical damage on your skin. It also protects the color and luster of your tattoos without making them fade in color.


  • Smooth and firm skin
  • Superior silicone formula
  • Darkest tan technology
  • Hydrating skin
  • Will not fade the color of tattoos

2. Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Love Tanning Lotion | Coconut Oil (13.5 oz)

Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Love Tanning Lotion | Coconut Oil (13.5 oz)

If you are looking for the darkest tanning bed lotion, you can give your skin the tropical vacation it deserves with this Tanning Paradise Black Coconut Lotion. With this bronzer, your skin will be lavished with coconut rich hydration and dark sun-kissed results! It features multiple dark tan activators and stimulators that allow you to develop darker gradually with longer-lasting results. It is formulated with anti-aging, firming properties for healthy skin. This formula is ideal for indoor and outdoor use as well as for sensitive skin users.


  • Multiple activators
  • Hydration
  • Gradual tan with a long-lasting result
  • Anti-aging
  • Ideal for indoor/outdoor tan

1. Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X,13.5 Oz

Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X,13.5 Oz

If you want to get the best natural bronzer tanning lotion, this 50X Auto-Darkening Tan Technology delivers extreme dark bronze tanning results for you to hit the beach on your summer trips. It features Extreme Silicone Emulsion Blend that leaves your skin silky soft, and smooth. Enjoy the stunning dark tan color and ultra moisturization that lasts all day long. This is ideal for instant tanning for that trip you’ve been looking forward to. It features a high accelerator for satisfying results. It contains a Fresh And Clean Cotton Blossom Fragrance.


  • 50X auto-darkening tan
  • Easy silicon application
  • Smooth and soften skin
  • Stunning dark tanning
  • High accelerators

Indoor Tanning Lotions With Bronzer Buying Guide

Due to popularity, indoor tanning lotions are trendy, and many companies and brands have put out incredible products with high quality to cater to different tanning needs and different customers. All tanning lotions now allow your skin to tan and also moisturize with many additional benefits. Some products come with instant bronzers that make you look swimsuit-ready as soon as you apply them. While others take a healthier approach with constant tanning to prevent photo-aging and firm your skin. The lotion also helps erase fine lines and hide cellulite. To ensure you get the best deal, you have to keep in mind the main features to look for in a good indoor tanning bronzer.

Main Features of Indoor Tanning Lotions with Bronzer

When you try to get the best indoor tanning lotion with a bronzer, you have to consider FOUR main features to ensure you are getting the best deal for your tanning.

Bronzer: Bronzer refers to the sunless tanning agents present in your tanning lotion; they help with tanning capability. It comes with various bronzing types, including delayed bronzer, immediate bronzer, extended bronzer, natural bronzer, and more. You have to consider the number of bronzers when you are getting one. The higher the number of bronzers, the quicker you will get color from the sunless tanning agent. The “X” attached to the bronzer number means it is an extended bronzer, one of the most famous ones. It gives you an added bronzing boost. Another famous one is the optimizer bronzers, which give more streak-free results.

Tingle: Tingle lotions give users constant and best results. But you have to be aware of what it does to your skin as it is not for everyone. When applied to the skin, tingle lotions will start to tingle and redden your skin. It increases circulation in the outer layers of skin to bring melanin to the surface to expose more to UV rays while protecting your skin from the harmful elements. The first few hours may bring some discomfort of redness and tingling, but shortly after, it will stop, and you’ll enjoy a dark tan. If you never use it before, start with a lower grade tingle to see if you can handle the lotion with this agent.

Hypoallergenic/Fragrance/Paraben Free: Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free lotions are very friendly to your skin. They are free of irritants that bother any sensitive skin types. Parabens are usually added to products as preservatives so that they might be irritating to some sensitive skin. So it is wise if you can look for products that are also paraben-free, although they are not that harmful to your skin.

Intensifier/Accelerator: Sometimes known as “intensifier” or “accelerator,” it refers to the same kind of lotion. This element intensifies your tanning experience as they prepare the skin for UV exposure by delivering moisture and additional support elements to the skin so it will not be damaged after you complete tanning. It will protect the skin and keep it healthy and smooth.


And these are all the reviews and highlights of the Best Indoor Tanning Lotions With Bronzer. They will work to excel in your indoor tanning experience. When you look for the best indoor tanning lotions, you have to be aware of your skin type, variations, and formulas that you prefer. Keeping in mind the main features we have just mentioned, we believe you are good to go and get yourself a good one! Happy shopping, and enjoy tanning!