Top 8 Best Golf Balls For Beginners 2020 Reviews

Selecting the right golf balls can be overwhelming especially for beginner golfers. Golf balls consist of three major components that can influence a golfer’s performance. The exterior dimples help the ball soar through the air and come in different patterns and sizes. The core refers to the inside of the ball and its density which can affect energy transfer and swing speeds. The material of the cover of the ball is also unique and can affect spin speed and control. Beginner golfers can benefit from certain types of balls when first learning to play. Here are the top reviewed best golf balls for beginners.

8. TaylorMade RBZ Soft Golf Balls

TaylorMade RBZ Soft Golf Balls

These are top quality golf balls made by a top quality company. TaylorMade is one of the best known brands in golf and produces top tier products. This set comes with 12 RBZ Soft golf balls in a stylish lime green and grey carrying case. The RBZ Soft golf balls are great for beginner golfers of any age.


  • Made of a three-layer construction.
  • Offers an ethane cover for a soft feel and optimal control.
  • The RBZ core delivers maximum distance and ideal density.
  • The RBZ Soft golf ball holds a compression score of 70.

7. almostGOLF- 10 Ball Pack

almostGOLF- 10 Ball Pack

This pack contains a set of ten golf balls and are intended for practice use. These balls aren’t limited to the driving range or course as they have a maximum flight of 100 yards. These practice balls are fun and safe to use on someone’s property for practice purposes as they won’t cause damage to vehicles or home siding.


  • Limited flight of 100 yards with a driver and 40 yards with a wedge.
  • These practice balls are great for any skill level or age.
  • Allows for convenient practice time virtually anywhere.
  • They are designed to feel like a regular golf ball.

6. Titleist Recycled Golf Balls

Titleist Recycled Golf Balls

These golf balls come in a mesh bag containing 48 recycled Titleist balls. This is a great practice set for taking out to the range to improve swing and stroke form. Each set contains a variety of different balls that have been pre-used. Every ball is in good condition but some may contain minor blemishes or markings.


  • Great for a practice day at the range.
  • Comes with a reusable drawstring mesh bag.
  • Great for any skill level and age, especially beginners that are learning the basics.
  • Comprised of 48 assorted pre-used Titleist golf balls.

5. Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls

These balls made by Wilson offer dual performance features and are available in white, orange, and yellow. These balls offer increased velocity and distance from the tee due to Wilson’s Duo Rich Rubber Core technology. Wilson made these golf balls to be exceptionally soft to improve putting and green-play.


  • A two-piece construction optimal for increased accuracy and minimal spin.
  • Utilizes a 302 dimple pattern which produces efficient and constant flight.
  • Available in yellow and orange for increased visibly.
  • They are advanced performance golf balls available at an affordable cost.

4. Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Zip Golf Balls

Wilson offers another great ball in these Zip golf balls. The Zip balls are softer than most and utilize a rubber blended core. The Zip’s 302 dimple pattern provides consistent flight and improved green-play. This set of golf balls are available in a pack of 24 balls.


  • Flat-bottomed dimples that increase aerodynamics for better flight.
  • Utilizes Wilson’s patented zero compression core for increased flight.
  • They have a speed generating cover which minimizes spin off the tee, and maximizes spin with shorter irons and wedges.

3. Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls

Volvik offers these balls in packs of 12 and in multiple colors including blue, orange, white, yellow, pink, red, and more. Volvik offers some colors in a stylish matte finish, making these not just a golf ball but a potential fashion statement as well. Packs of 12 are also available in pre-used condition at a lower price. Volvik utilizes their Power Core in the Vivid ball which creates dynamic speed off the drive for players with medium swing speeds.


  • Constructed of a three-piece design and an 80 compression rating which increases flight distances.
  • The matte finish and bright colors increase ball visibility and speed.
  • Offers a printed on putting line for increased putting accuracy.

2. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson offers these Staff Fifty Elite golf balls in orange, white, pink, and yellow and in packs of These golf balls are performance balanced by Wilson and are composed of an aggressive core and a responsive cover which optimizes distance and feel. The Staff Fifty Elite golf ball is an elite level ball available at a lower cost than its competitors.


  • A responsive core that is 22% softer than its competitors.
  • Wilson’s 302 PhD dimple pattern utilizes flat bottomed and shallow dimples for improved aerodynamics.
  • A new plastic slidepack implementation for improved durability and inflight stability.
  • Holds a compression rating of 50 which is optimal for distance.

1. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

These golf balls utilize Wilson’s Smart-Core formula and are available in packs of This ball minimizes spin on long shots for increased distance and accuracy. On shorter shots and during putting it yields spin and control. The Smart Core ball is a best seller and perfect for any skill level.


  • A durable cover that provides a long-lasting durability and playability.
  • Very responsive off the tee which provides improved flight distance.
  • Wilson’s Smart-Core technology reacts to a player’s swing speed on every shot.
  • The balls are packed in sleeves of three within the 24-pack.
  • Holds a compression rating of 85.